Volkswagen Crafter,T6 CCH 2.0 TDI Common Rail RECON ENGINE


Fully re-con 2.0 Tdi Volkswagen Crafter + TransporterT6 Re-con Engine with vw engine codes of : CCH.
We will either supply a unit from our stocks or we will collect your unit and fully re-con the customers engine.
The engine is complete with either a full 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty.
Work involved in these units as follows:
Engine chemical cleaned to remove existing carbon deposits,pressure test the block,re-face and Pressure test the head and re-skim.Measure and replace rods and pistons if necessary.measure crank and re-grind if necessary.Measure valves and replace where necessary.
New parts used are: 
New main bearings,thrust washers,big end bearings,oil pump,piston rings,crank seal and rear main seal,head gasket,head bolts,camshaft,cam bearings,tappets,Cambelt kit with tensioners and water pump.

Please note the following surcharges which could apply against damage to the old unit:

Block damage £300

Crankshaft damage £300

Any cylinder head damage £800 as these are only available as NEW